heather walters

is an actor and strategic communicator currently based in Fort Worth, TX. Originally from Memphis, TN, Heather has always had a unique and creative outlook on the human experience. She is currently studying both Theatre and Integrated Strategic Communication at Texas Christian University (TCU), and is set to graduate in May of 2019!

Heather has always embraced her silly yet intentional nature. While she’s always had a knack for performance, Heather has continually looked for opportunities to express her creativity. Strategic Communication has proved to be one of those outlets, and she has so enjoyed seeing her creativity flourish in TCU’s College of Communication. At TCU, Heather is involved in Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Alpha Psi Omega, and TCU’s Frog Camp. She is also an Equity Member Candidate.

Aside from work, Heather enjoys everything artistic (music, museums, etc.), reading, being outside, and connecting with people. At the moment, she’s especially a fan of finding fullness of life in little moments. She also loves when people call her Feather.